37 people killed in Goa

37 people killed in Goa and Andhra Pradesh in a single day



  • 26 deaths in Goa caused by lack of oxygen
  • In Andhra Pradesh, 11 deaths due to oxygen deficiency
  • Oxygen shortage deaths in the country

Goa And in Andhra Pradesh’s Covid Care hospitals, a total of 37 infected people have died of oxygen deficiency.

Many hospitals like Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi, Jaipur Golden Hospital, Zakir Hussain Hospital in Nashik etc. Oxygen The Panaji and Tirupati hospitals have now been added to the line of tragic deaths that have been reported in a row.

At Goa Medical College Hospital in Panaji, a total of 26 infected persons died on Tuesday, while 11 others died at the Covid Care Center in Tirupati.

In the wake of the tragedy in Goa, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane has called for a High Court-led inquiry into the exact cause of death of the infected. The hospital needed 1,200 oxygen jumbo cylinders by Monday.

But only 400 cylinders were supplied. They complain that the center is not supplying the required cylinders to the state.

Meet CM!
Chief Minister Pramod Sawant visited the hospital and inspected it. “Lack of oxygen is responsible for the death of the infected. There is no shortage of life in the state, ”he said. He said the problems in the supply and demand of oxygen would be resolved quickly.

Another disaster!
Another similar accident occurred in Goa just hours after the medical college disaster. Fortunately no casualties. The leakage at the South Goa District’s anaerobic storage facility has been causing some anxiety. Coronavia was also treated in this hospital. There was no casualty as firefighters were able to break into the site and prevent the leak,

11 killed in Tirupati
11 Covid infected people die due to oxygen deficiency at Venkateswara Ramanarayana Rouya Hospital, Tirupati. “As the oxygen depletion in the hospital was decreasing, we had an emergency supply on Monday afternoon.

The supply of oxygen tankers from Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu was delayed, resulting in a 10 to 15-minute shift. 11 people lost their lives by nightfall, ‘ Harinarayanan said. The District Commissioner regrets that despite all our efforts, many lives have been lost. One thousand infections are currently being treated at this hospital.

10 lakhs ordered for probe The solution

Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy has issued a condolence message to those who died in the Tirupati hospital tragedy and has ordered the district authorities to investigate the incident. He also urged the authorities to be careful not to repeat such incidents. 10 lakhs per capita for deceased families Has announced a solution.

Negative reporting is mandatory
The Goa bench of the Mumbai High Court on Tuesday ordered Goa entrants to have a negative report of the corona inspection. The court stated that it is mandatory to present a negative certificate in all cases except for medical emergencies.


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