3rd wave virus

3rd wave virus is even more dangerous!



  • The country cannot escape the third wave of corona infection
  • The new mutant virus is even more dangerous
  • Experts say that preparing the country for the situation is inevitable

Bengaluru: The central government announced on Wednesday that the country could not escape the third wave of coronavirus. While the entire country was hit by the second wave, the first government statement made the announcement soaring.

“At this stage, it is impossible to say when the third wave will hit. Scientists are trying to estimate it. But the country cannot escape the third wave, ”said KV Vijay Raghavan, chief scientific adviser to the central government.

“It is imperative that we prepare to face the third wave. The third wave is about to propagate even faster. Scientists in the entire world are trying to predict the intensity of the third wave and what the new mutant virus will look like, ”he says.

Anxiety in Bangalore: The country has recorded its highest single-day record in a single 24-hour period ending at 8 am on Wednesday. There were 3,82,315 new cases and 3,780 deaths in a single day. The epidemic is on the rise in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Bihar. Interestingly, there are 1.49 lakh new cases registered in Bangalore in a single week. The infection is on the rise in Kozhikode, Ernakulam, and Gurgaon villages, the health ministry said. The declining number of infections in the 11 districts of Maharashtra has brought some relief.

Another 18 deaths: Thirteen patients admitted to Chengapattu Government Hospital in Chennai died within 24 hours due to lack of oxygen. All are in the age group of 40 to 85 years. Dr. Dean of the hospital J. Muttukumaran has made it clear that “only one person among the dead had a positive Corona. The remaining six had other serious health problems. He was getting treatment for it.

In addition, seven were seriously ill while hospitalized. So I don’t want to save them, ” he said. The nurses, who noticed a sharp drop in oxygen levels in many of the dead, also gave primary care. It has been asserted that it was not neglected.

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On the other hand, District Commissioner A. John Lewis also responded, “On patrols all night on Tuesday, I noticed a lack of oxygen in hospitals and some isolation centers. There was no such thing as a lack of oxygen for the dead. I have ordered an investigation into other technical issues. Doctors have reported that many of the victims had viral pneumonia, ”he said.

Death of Five Infected: A total of five coronaviruses, including a woman, died in a 30-minute oxygen shortage at a private hospital in Roorkee, in the Haridwar district of Uttarakhand. The tragedy happened shortly after 2 p.m. Only one of the deceased was on a ventilator. C. Ravi Shankar, District Collector, who took the incident seriously, has ordered an investigation.

A medical audit of a private hospital led by Rourke’s chief medical staff has also been notified. A total of three senior doctors have been formed. Within a week, the team will be giving a detailed report on the number of patients in the hospital, the amount of oxygen stored, and other medicines.

A vaccine that young people cannot afford
Between April 28 and May 5, 3.5 crore people between the ages of 18 and 44 registered to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Of these, only 2% are vaccinated, sources said.

Fire safety inspection ordered in hospitals and nursing homes
The Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered all hospitals and nursing homes in the country to inspect their fire hazards as more and more people are getting hospitalized for the second wave of Coronavirus. Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla has written a letter to all States and UTs.

More than 12 fires have occurred in hospitals across the country in the past two months. Many patients, including those infected with corona, have died on staff. To prevent this, the state government’s health department and the fire brigade should inspect all hospitals. Increase safety equipment too, the ministry said. Most of the major hospitals that offer 24-day medical services must be equipped with fire safety measures. Patients are advised that life is very important.



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