43,000 crore India to build six domestic submarines

43,000 crore India to build six domestic submarines



  • India has decided to build six domestic-built conventional submarines
  • The Defense Department has agreed to the project worth Rs 43,000 crore
  • With China expanding its reach in the maritime region, India is on the brink of collapse

Bengaluru News: Defense ministry plans to deploy more submarines to the navy as China expands its presence in the sea. The first phase of the project will involve six domestically-built traditional submarines and the project has been approved by the department for Rs 43,000 crore

The shipbuilding project will take place in a foreign partnership, with foreign companies investing in local military shipbuilding companies. The project aims to open up the process of importing defense materials from abroad.

About 6,800 crores are worth of military weapons and equipment. “The Ministry of Defense has agreed to fundraise,” a statement from Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s office said.

What is a submarine project ?:

The Ministry of Defense’s Capital Consolidation Committee (DAC) has prepared a submarine construction project. The project, named ‘P-75 India’, will build 6 submarines with an independent propulsion system incorporating local technology. This will enable the construction of submarines in India. The project will be completed within a 12-year period and the final cost will be applicable to the arms cost during that period.

LANDT and Masagovan Docs Ltd (MDL) have already proposed the project. Similarly, Rosoborone Export (Russia), Daewoo (South Korea), Thyssenkrupp Marin System (Germany), Navantia (Spain), and Naval Group (France) are among the finalists in the ministry. Another team from the Ministry of Defense will work on submarine specialties and emergency needs.

Defense force enhancement plan

The Indian Navy has agreed to take on 24 new submarines. Six submarines will be capable of nuclear testing. Currently, India has 15 submarines and two ships have nuclear weapons.

China is growing its naval capabilities in the Indian Ocean. It is imperative for the Ministry of Defense to increase its power to create hope for the country’s defense through competition. Thus, the construction of nuclear submarine ships. In addition, 57 fighter jets, 111 naval utility helicopters, and 123 multi-roll helicopters are to be built under the partnership plan.

China currently has 50 submarines and 350 vessels, according to a global shipping survey. The plan is to increase the number of cows to 500 within the next 8 to 10 years.

Partnership for nothing

According to the Defense Ministry’s current plan, combat aircraft, helicopters, submarines, armored vehicles, and tanks will be ready for foreign investment. More sections will be added in the next phase.

The Ministry of Defense announced last August that 101 weapons and military supplies would not be imported by 2024. Similarly, over the next five years, Rs. The aim is to consolidate capital into a military project.



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