the central government

the central government, If strict action is taken there is no third wave.



  • The third wave can be prevented if strict action is taken
  • Depending on the effective implementation of the guidelines
  • Opinion of Central Government Scientific Advisors

Bengaluru: India may succeed in preventing the deadly third wave of coronavirus if necessary measures are taken, a senior scientific adviser to the government said Friday. Covid on the second wave back Third-wave Coming. He warned only two days ago that it would be even more dangerous, and that the children would suffer the consequences.

“If we take drastic measures, the third wave will not occur anywhere or anywhere. It depends on how efficiently the guidelines are implemented at the local level, in the states, districts, and cities. ” Vijay Raghavan said.

“Now that you see the high levels of the virus spreading, the third wave of the coronavirus is inevitable. But it is not clear when the third phase will occur, ”he said on Wednesday. Also, read this: 4.03 Lakh People die in India dor covid.

Due to the double mutation in India, the number of Covid cases is on the rise. The prevalence of the transformation of Britain is low. He said vaccine uptake was needed to control new strains that were spreading more dangerously.

There were 4,14,188 cases of Covidi cases detected in India on Friday. Similarly, 3,915 Kovid deaths were reported.



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