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ACEAutomatic Computing Engine
ACESAerolĂ­neas Centrales de Colombia (Spanish, "Central Colombian Airlines")
ACESAuxiliary Campus Enterprises and Services of Alfred State College
ACFAdministration for Children and Families
ACFAmerican Car and Foundry
ACFAmerican Culinary Federation
ACHTAverage Call Hold Time
ACIDAtomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (in databases)
ACINTAcoustic Intelligence
ACKAcknowledge (telecommunications; cf. NAK)
ACLAccess Control List
ACLAnterior cruciate ligament; the initialism can also refer to an injury to this ligament.
ACLAtlantic Coast Line Railroad
ACLJAmerican Center for Law and Justice
ACLOSAutomatic CLOS (missile control system)
ACLSAmerican Council of Learned Societies
ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union
ACLUAmerican Communist Lawyers Union (pejorative slang for the above)
ACMmany, including Association for Computing Machinery; see entry
ACMC(U.S.) Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps
ACNAirborne Communications Node
ACNAustralian Company Number (number issued by the Australian government as registration of a limited liability company)
ACNAAnglican Church in North America
ACOAirspace Control Order
ACOBAAdvisory Committee on Business Appointments
ACOM(U.S.) Atlantic Command
ACORNAssociation of Community Organizations for Reform Now
ACPAir Control Point
ACRAdvanced Concepts and Requirements
ACRIAfrican Crisis Initiative
ACRTAdvanced Concepts Research Tool simulator
ACSAlaska Communications Service
ACSAmerican Chemical Society
ACSAssociation of Caribbean States
ACSAustralian Computer Society
ACSAffiliated Computer Services (NYSE ACS)
ACSCArmy Command and Staff College (various nations)
ACSTAustralian Central Standard Time
ACSTAmerican Cooperative School of Tunis
ACTAdaptive Control of Thought (cognitive model)
ACTAmerican College Test (ing Program)
ACTAustralian Capital Territory (also postal symbol)
ACTR|| ACT-Rational (cognitive model)
ACTR/PM|| ACT-R/Perceptual-Motor (cognitive model)
ACTDAdvanced Concept Technology Demonstration
ACTF(U.S.) Army Constructive Training Federation
ACTFAustralian Children's Television Foundation
ACTUAustralian Council of Trade Unions
ACT UPAIDS Coalition to Unleash Power
ACUAmerican Conservative Union

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