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Acronyms for diseases and disorders Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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PPMAPostpolio progressive muscular atrophy
PPSPost-polio syndrome
PSCPrimary sclerosing cholangitis
PSPProgressive supranuclear palsy
PVLPeriventricular leukomalacia
PWPort-wine stain
Q feverQuery fever
RARheumatoid arthritis
RADReactive airway disease
RINDReversible ischemic neurologic deficit
RLFRetrolental fibroplasia
RLSRestless legs syndrome
RMDsRepetitive motion disorders
ROPRetinopathy of prematurity
RSReye's syndrome
RSDReflex sympathetic dystrophy
RTIRespiratory tract infection
SBSpina bifida
SBSShaken baby syndrome
SCSydenham chorea
SDSaint Vitus's dance (see Sydenham chorea)
SISShaken infant syndrome
SLESystemic lupus erythematosus
SMASpinal muscular atrophy
SMEISevere myoclonic epilepsy of infancy
SMSSmith–Magenis syndrome
SODSepto-optic dysplasia
SPSStiff person syndrome
SSPESubacute sclerosing panencephalitis
STEMIST-elevation myocardial infarction
SUNCT Headache[unilateral]Short-lasting
SWSSturge–Weber syndrome
TACTrigeminal autonomic cephalgia
TBITraumatic brain injury
TCSTethered cord syndrome
TEFTracheoesophageal fistula
TIATransient ischemic attack
TMHTrainable mentally handicapped
TMJ/TMDTemporomandibular joint disorder
TMRTrainable mentally retarded
TNTrigeminal neuralgia
TOSThoracic outlet syndrome
TSTourette syndrome
TSTuberous sclerosis
TSCTuberous sclerosis
TSEsTransmissible spongiform encephalopathies
TSPTropical spastic paraparesis
TTHTension type headache
UCUlcerative Colitis
UCPPSUrologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome (IC/PBS + CP/CPPS)

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