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Acronyms for diseases and disorders Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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UTIsUrinary tract infections
VCFSVelo cardio facial syndrome
vCJDvariant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease
VHFViral hemorrhagic fever
VHLVon Hippel–Lindau disease
VPVariegate porphyria
VSDVentricular septal defect
VVCVulvovaginal candidiasis
VWM diseaseVanishing white matter disease
WAGR syndrome[aniridia]Wilms tumor
WDWilson's disease
WEEWestern equine encephalitis
WSWilliams syndrome
XDR TBExtensively drug-resistant tuberculosis
XLSAX-linked sideroblastic anemia
XPXeroderma pigmentosa
YSSYoung Simpson syndrome
YVSYunis–Varon syndrome
ZBLSZadik–Barak–Levin syndrome

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