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SOPSSpace Operations Squadron
SOSSquadron Officer School or Special Operations Squadron
SOWSpecial Operations Wing
Spirit MissionA good natured act, commonly in the form of a prank, banner, or...reacquisition...of a person/thing, to show pride for a group of individuals. Usually harmless.
SrASenior Airman
SRCSolid Rock Cafe (new as of 2011, found @ Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls TX - unofficial anogram that is used by officers as well as students)
SSgtStaff Sergeant
SSTSupervisor Safety Training
STEPStripe Through Exceptional Performance
Stink BugNickname for the F-117 Nighthawk
Strike EagleNickname for F15 E
STSSpecial Tactics Squadron
SVSServices Squadron
SWSpace Wing
SWASouthwest Asia
SWAGScientific Wild-Ass Guess
T&ATest and Acceptance
TACTactical Air Command
TACP - Tactical Air Control Party
TACONTactical Control
TAFCSDTotal Active Federal Commission Service Date
TAFMSDTotal Active Federal Military Service Date
TAG (AG)The Adjutant General
TailEnd Charlie - Person bringing up the rear of a formation or a tail gunner
TAPTransition Assistance Program
TCNOTime Compliance Network Order
TCTOTime Compliance Technical Order
TFCSDTotal Federal Commissioned Service to Date
TGPTargeting Pod
TLARThat Looks About Right
TLFTemporary Living Facility
TOTTime Over Target
TRWTraining Wing
TSgtTechnical Sergeant
TSTTime-Sensitive Target
TTPTactics, Techniques, and Procedures
UASUnmanned Aircraft System
UCIUnit Compliance Inspection
UNWTUndergraduate Network Warfare Training
UPTUndergraduate Pilot Training
USAFAUnited States Air Force Academy
USAFEUnited States Air Forces in Europe
V/RVirtual Regards or Very Respectfully (closing salutation)
ViperNickname for the F-16 Fighting Falcon
VMLVulnerable to Move List
vMPFVirtual Military Personnel Flight
vREDVirtual Record of Emergency Data
VSPVoluntary Separation Pay
WADSWestern Air Defense Sector

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