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Airforce Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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AFLOAAir Force Legal Operations Agency
AFMAAir Force Manpower Agency
AFMANAir Force Manual
AFMCAir Force Material Command
AFMOAAir Force Medical Operations Agency
AFMSAir Force Manpower Standards
AFMSAAir Force Medical Support Agency
AFNICAir Force Network Integration Center
AFNOCAir Force Network Operations Center
AFNORTHAir Forces Northern
AFNSEPOAir Force National Security Emergency Preparedness Office
AFNWCAAir Force Nuclear Weapons and Counterproliferation Agency
AFOGAir Force Operations Group
AFOQTAir Force Officer Qualifying Test
AFPAAAir Force Public Affairs Agency
AFPAMAir Force Pamphlet
AFPCAir Force Personnel Center
AFPCAAir Force Pentagon Communications Agency
AFPDAir Force Policy Directive
AFPEOAir Force Program Executive Office
AFPETAir Force Petroleum Agency
AFPOAAir Force Personnel Operations Agency
AFRBAAir Force Review Boards Agency
AFRCAir Force Reserve Command
AFRLAir Force Research Lab
AFRPAAir Force Real Property Agency
AFSAAir Force Sergeants Association
AFSCAir Force Safety Center
AFSCAir Force Specialty Code
AFSCAir Force Systems Command
AFSFCAir Force Security Forces Center
AFSO 21Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century
AFSOCAir Force Special Operations Command
AFSOUTHAir Forces Southern
AFSPCAir Force Space Command
AFSVAAir Force Services Agency
AFTOAir Force Technical Order
AFVAAir Force Visual Aids
AFWAAir Force Weather Agency
AG (TAG)Adjutant General, (The)
AGSAircraft Generation Squadron
AGSMAinti - G Straining Maneuver
AKRAOCAlaska Region Air Operations Center
ALCONAll Concerned (used in message headers for mass emailings)
ALOAir Liaison Officer
ALSAirman Leadership School
AMCAir Mobility Command
AMMO TroopMunitions Systems Technician AMMO (U.S. Air Force)
AMMSAirborne Missile Maintenance Squadron Missile Badge

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