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BUFFBig Ugly Fat Fucker/Fellow, nickname for a B - 52 Stratofortress
ButterbarSlang expression for the rank of second lieutenant; refers to the distinctive gold color of the rank insignia.
BWBomb Wing
BXBase Exchange
CDay - The unnamed day on which a deployment operation begins or is to begin
C2Command and Control
C4ISRCommand, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
CACombat Arms
CAFCombat Air Force
CAIComputer Aided Instruction
CAMSCore Automated Maintenance System (database behind IMDS)
CAOCCombined Air and Space Operations Center
CAPCivil Air Patrol
CASClose Air Support
CASTCombat Airman Skills Training
CATCrisis Action Team
CATMCombat Arms Training and Maintenance
CBCSCombat Communications Squadron
CBMCCommunications Battlespace Management Course
CBRNEChemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High Yield Explosives
CBTComputer Based Training
CCAFCommunity College of the Air Force
CCEExecutive Officer
CCFFirst Sergeant
CCTCombat Control
CDCCareer Development Course
CEGCombat Evaluation Group
CESCivil Engineering Squadron
CEVGCombat Evaluation Group
CFEPTCareer Field Education and Training Plan
CFRCrash Fire Rescue
CFTCockpit Familiarization Trainer
CGOCompany Grade Officer (lieutenants and captains)
CGOCCompany Grade Officers' Council
Charlie FoxtrotCluster Fuck
CICounterintelligence, Compliance Inspection
Class SixShoppette where beer, wine & liquor is sold.
CMOCivil - Military Operations
CMSAFChief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
CMSgtChief Master Sergeant
CNAComputer Network Attack
CNDCould Not Duplicate
CNDComputer Network Defense
CNOComputer Network Operations
CNTCounter Narco – Terror
COACourse of Action
COLACost of Living Adjustment

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