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HawgNickname for the A - 10 Thunderbolt II
HAZCONHazardous Condition
HIAHeld in Abeyance
HOHistorians Office
HPCHistoric Properties Custodian
HTSHARM Targeting System
HUAWHurry Up and Wait
HUDHead - Up Display
HUMINTHuman Intelligence
IAInformation Assurance
IAWIn Accordance With
ICBMIntercontinental Ballistic Missile
IFEIn - Flight Emergency
IFFIdentification Friend or Foe or Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals
IFFCCIntegrated Flight and Fire Control Computer
IFTIntroductory Flight Training
IGInspector General
IMDSIntegrated Maintenance Database System
IMINTImagery Intelligence
INOSCIntegrated Network Operations and Security Center
IOInformation Operations
IOICInformation Operations Integration Course
IPInstructor Pilot
IPBIntelligence Preparation of the Battlespace
ISIntelligence Squadron
ISRIntelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
ITTInformation, Tickets, and Travel
IYAAYASIf You Ain't Ammo, You Ain't Shit
JSTARS - Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
JAJudge Advocate
JA/ATTJoint Airborne/ Air Transportability Training
JAOCJoint Air and Space Operations Center
JATOJet - Assisted Take – Off
JEEPJust Enough Education To Pass
JEEPJust Entering Electronic Principals
JFACCJoint Forces Air Component Commander
JOAPJoint Oil Analysis Program
JOPESJoint Operation Planning and Execution System
JPATSJoint Primary Air Training System
JPPTJoint Primary Pilot Training
JSOWJoint Standoff Weapon
JSUPTJoint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
JWICSJoint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
KISSKeep It Simple Stupid
LAPESLow Altitude Parachute Extraction System
LATNLow Altitude Tactical Navigation
Lawn DartNickname for F-16 Fighting Falcon or any other fast, pointy, single-engine aircraft.
LCAPLogistics Compliance Assessment Program
LEAPLanguage Enabled Airman Program

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