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Chemistry abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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ACGIAAmerican Capital Group I Assets
ACIDAtomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability
ACLacyl-homoserine lactone
ACMAluminium Composite Material
ACMAnormal Chemical Material
ACMAstrocyte-Conditioned Medium
ACPC1- AminoCycloPropaneCarboxylic acid
ACQAlkaline Copper Quaternary
ACS-YCCAmerican Chemical Society Younger Chemists Committee
ACVAggregate Compacted Value
ACVDAgricultural Chemicals and Veterinary Drugs
ADAcid Detecting
ADFAcid Detergent Fiber
ADFAcid Detergent Fibre
ADFAmsterdam Density Functional
ADHAlcohol DeHydrogenase
ADMDAction Derived Molecular Dynamics
ADUAtmospheric Distillation Unit
AEAcetonitrile Eluate
AEAcid Equivalent
AEAtomic Emission
AEAuger Electron
AENAll Element Number
AENGAdvanced European Natural Gas
AEOAmino Epoxi Oxodecanoic
AEOAmino Epoxy Oxodecanoic
AEPAffinity ElectroPhoresis
AEPAnion Exchange Protein
AESAutomatic Electrophoresis System
AESRAqueous Extract of Sophorae Radix
AFAdded Fluoroelastomer
AFAnistropic Filtering
AFAugmented Formulation
AFAAverage Fock Approximation
AFFFAqueous Film Forming Foam
AFLAluminium Fluoride Litate
AFPAlpha Feta Protein
AFSAtomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
AgSilver (Argentum)
AGAAktiebolaget Gas Accumulator
AGBAsymptotic Giant Branch
AGEAdvanced Glycosylated End products
AGOAtmospheric Gas Oil
AGTPAcid Guanidinium Thiocyanate Phenol
AHAryl Hydrocarbon
AHAAlpha Hydroxy Acid
AHAAlpha Hydroxy Acids
AHDArgon High Density
AHFAnhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride
AICCAdiabatic Isochoric Complete Combustion

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