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Chemistry abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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BCBond Centered
BCBoron Carbide
BCAABranched Chain Amino Acid
BCCBody Centered Cubic
BCFBlack Carbon Fiber
BCIFBiological Chemistry Imaging Facility
BCIP5-Bromo 4-Chloro 3'-Indolyphosphate p-Toluidine salt
BDBlack Diamond
BDABiotinalated Dextran Amine
BDDEButaneDiol Diglycidyl Ether
BEBase Excess
BEBond Energy
BEOLBack End Of The Line
BEPBenzoxazine Epoxy And Phenolic
BERBase Extraction Rate
BESTBetter Enzyme Solution Training
BEVBio Electric Vincent
BFBergaptene Free
BGOBismuth Germanium Oxide
BHABeta Hydroxy Acid
BHAButylated HydroxyAnisole
BHAPBis-HeteroAryl Piperzine
BHCBenzene Hexachloride Crude
BHDBenzene Hydrogen Donor
BHLHBasic Helix Loop Helix
BHNBrinell Hardness Number
BHTButylated Hydroxy Toluene
BICBoron Interstitial Clusters
BLEVEBoiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
BLMBlack Lipid Membrane
BLSBlack Liquor Solids
BMBase Metal
BMDLBelow Method Detection Limits
BNBrown and Navrotsky
BOCBlow Off Chemistry
BODBiological Organic Deposit
BOEBuffered Oxide Etchant
BORDERSBiochemical Organic Radioactive Disaster Educational Response Systems
BOVBlow Off Valve
BOWBehavior Of Water
BPBenzoyl Peroxide
BPBoiling Point
BPABisPhenol A
BPDEBenzo [A]PyreneDiol-Epoxide
BPEBoiling Point Elevation
BPOBenzoyl PerOxide

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