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WVTRAWater Vapor Transmission Rate Analyzer
WWBHWood, Wilson, Benbow, and Hood
WWIXWaste Water Ion Exchange
WXRFWavelength-dispersive X- Ray Fluorescence
WYMWWakita, Yoshimoto, Miyamoto, and Watanabe test
WYOLWrite Your Own Lab
WYOLAWrite Your Own Lab Assignment
WYUWhat You Use
XDBeXtra Dense Bonding
XDSX-ray Data Streamer
XEBRXenon Bromine
XEHXenon Hydrogen
XEH+Ionic Xenon Hydrogen
XEIXenon Iodine
XLSXenon Light Source
XMDCenter for Materials Simulation Molecular Dynamics Program
XODXanthine Oxidase
XRLX- Ray Lithography
XRRX- Ray Reflectivity
XTCXtreme Thermal Compound
XUMX-ray Ultra- Microscope
XUMX-ray Ultra-Microscope
XVSeXtreme Ventilation Station
YAGYttrium Aluminum Garnet
YAPYield Analysis Pattern
YBGYour Best Guess
YBRYttrium Bromine
YBSYugoslav Biochemical Society
YCCAmerican Chemical Society Younger Chemists Committee
YF3Yttrium Fluoride
YIGYttrium Iron Garnet
YLFYttrium Lithium Fluoride
YSZYttria Stabilized Zirconia
YVO4Yttrium Vanadate
YZNYellow Zinc Dichromate
ZBZinc Blende
ZBDZinc Binding Domain
ZBDCZinc diBenzyl DithioCarbamate
ZBDIZinc Binding Domain 1
ZBDIIZinc Binding Domain 2
ZBZ-50Zinc diBenZyldithiocarbamate
ZCZinc Composite
ZCGZeolite Crystal Growth
ZCRZinc Chromium
ZCSZinc- Coated Steel

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