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AMATEUROft referred as a novitiate, hobbyist, experimenter, novice, beginner, trainee, cadet, tenderfoot, student et al.
AMEAfrican Methodist Episcopal
AMMA'?amma' without the capital 'M':
AMPActivity Motivation Program
AMSArts, Media, and Sports
ANAAsk Need Able
ANAFAngels Now And Forever
ANCAdvisory Neighborhood Commission
ANCDAssociation of Nigerians in the Capital District
ANCEAssociation of Networks for Community Empowerment
ANCGArmenian National Committee of Glendale
ANCHORAlliance for Neighborhood Commerce and Home Ownership Revitalization
ANCHORAlliance For Neighborhood Commerce Home Ownership And Revitalization
ANCNArmenian National Committee of Nevada
ANCRArizona Network for Community Responsibility
ANPAwami National Party
ANTSAnti Nicotine And Tobacco Service
AOAll Outdoors
AOAntiquites Orientales
AOCAgents Of Change
AODAAlcohol and Other Drug Addictions
AOEAge Of Emperors
AOIAncestry Online Image
AOIFEAssociation Of Irish Festival Events
AOPCArkansas Outdoor Photographers Club
AOSPAirport and Open Space Plan
APAlbert Park
APApprehensive and Paternalistic
APAsian Pride
APAstute People
APAttachment Parenting
APAGArno's Park Action Group
APAKCHISomeone from Pakistan Karachi
APCActivity Program Council
APCAdult Primary Care
APDAnnual Pasta Dinner
APDTAssociation of Pet Dog Trainers
APEAmerican Puritan Ethic
APESAccess Parking Environment And Security
APGARAdaptation, Partnership, Growth, Affection, and Resolve
APHBAndhra Pradesh Housing Board
APLAverage Party Level
APNAssessors Parcel Number
APPAAppreciative Participatory Planning Action
APPLAIDS Prevention and Positive Living
APPLEA Positive Personal Learning Experience
APPLEAIDS Prevention Plus Life Education
APPLEAlternative Parent Participation Learning Experience
APRCArea Prevention Resource Center
APTAdolescent Portable Therapy

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