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A Swift Kik In AssAn often heard remark as to a 'proper-fate' for an alleged misdemeanor or indeed a felony transgression by an individual:
ASWRAutism Services Waterloo Region
ATBAbility Tone Black
ATCAnother Traveling Circus
ATFAfter The Fire
ATKAmazing Teen Kingdom
ATMAccess To Tree Of Money
ATPAction Team for Partnership
ATPAdult Treatment Panel
ATPAlcohol Treatment Program
ATSAlternative To Smoking
ATTAlt Toys Transformers
ATVAnother Terrific Vacation
ATVApathy Toward Volunteering
ATVHAppleton Thorn Village Hall
AUBPAzerbaijani Union Blind People
AUDAlcohol Use Disorder
AUDCAtlanta Urban Design Commission
AUDMPAsian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program
AUWApplied Underwriters
AVApple Village
AVArroyo Vista
AVEPAAubrey Valley Experimental Population Area
AVMSAllston Village Main Streets
AVPAlternatives to Violence Project
AVPAnti-Violence Project
AVPPArmed Violence Prevention Programme
AWAFEAlways and Forever
AWBAward Winning Baby
AWCAt What Cost
AWCPAnti War Committee Pakistan
AWHAApelo Women Health Association
AWICArctic Women In Crisis
AWOLAble Women Of Leisure
AWOLActing Workshop On Line
AWOLAlternate Way Of Life
AYAAdolescent To Young Adult
AYAAmerican Yankee Association
AYRAlternative Youth Restoration
AYRAuburn Youth Resources
AYWAs You Wish
BABad Angst
BABridging America
BAABBlack Affairs Advisory Board

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