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Educational abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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YESYouth Exchange Service
YESYouth, Education, and Sports
YESYouth, Engineering, and Science
YESSYoung Engineering and Science Scholars
YFEYouth and Family Education
YFRYoung Farmer & Rancher Program
YFTYonkers Federation of Teachers
YFUYouth For Understanding
YIYouth Information
YIAYanbian International Academy
YIELDYouth In Education And Leader Development
YIFYoung Inventors Fair
YIPYouth Inclusion Program
YIPYouth Information Project
YLAYoung Leaders Academy of Baton Rouge
YLAYouth Leadership Academy
YLCYoung Leadership Council
YLFYouth Leadership Forum
YLGYoung Leadership Group
YLIYouth Leadership Institute
YLNYouth Leadership Network
YLTYouth Leadership Training
YLVYouth Leadership Victoria
YMQuantico Young Marines
YMEYellow Medicine East Schools
YMNYoung Mathematicians' Network
YMTYouth Media Training
YMTAYouth Maritime Training Association
YMTPYouth Media Training Program
YNHTIYale- New Haven Teachers Institute
YNIYosemite National Institutes
YNQYes-or- No Question
YNSYoung Native Scholars
YOYouth Opportunity
YOYouth Outlook
YODAYouth Organization for Diversity Appreciation
YOPYouth Opportunity Programme
YOSAOYou Only Study Abroad Once
YOUTHYoung, Outgoing, United, Truthful, and Humble
YPYoung Pleasure
YPYouth Programs
YPCYouth Programs Coordinator
YPGYoung People's Guild
YPTYouth Protection Training
YPTPYouth Pre-employment Training Programme
YRDSBYork Region District School Board
YREYear Round Education
YRRCSSBYork Region Roman Catholic Separate School Board (subsequently renamed York Catholic District School Board)
YS/SASYouth Services and School Age Services
YSCYouth Science Center

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