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Educational abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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AAPIAppic Application For Psychology Internship
AAPNZAssociation of Administrative Professionals New Zealand
AAPSAssociation of African Planning Schools
AAQAuditory Attention Quotient
AARAlternate Assessment Reading
AARIAlcohol Advertising Reform Initiative
AASAll About Symbian
AASAAfrican American Student Affairs
AASCBAmerican Association Of State Counseling Boards
AASLArkansas Association Of School Librarians
AASPAdopt A Student Project
AASPAtlanta Adopt a Student Program
AATDAccrediting Alliance For Training And Development
AATPAfrican American Theme Program
AATPAsian American Tutorial Project
AAVEAfrican American Vernacular English
AAVIMAmerican Association for Vocational Instructional Materials
ABATEAmerican Bikers Aimed Towards Education
ABATEArkansas Bikers Aiming Toward Education
ABCAnswers Books And Children
ABCAnti Bullying Committee
ABCAttentional Behavioral Cognitive
ABCAttitude Behavior Consistency
ABCDAcademic Betterment And Career Development
ABCDAsk Brainstorm Choose And Do
ABEA Better Education
ABEAdult Basic Education
ABECAlbuquerque Business Education Compact
ABECArizona Business Education Coalition
ABETAdult Basic Education And Training
ABIPAfrican Books In Print
ABLAdult Basic Learning
ABLEA Balanced Literacy Environment
ABLEAccess Belonging Learning Equality
ABLEAcquiring the Basics of Living and Employment
ABLEAdult Basic Literacy Education
ABLEAdult Blind Learning Experience
ABLEAnnandale Beginning Learners Education
ABOMAbout A Book Of Matches
ABQAlways Be Questioning
ABSAmman Baccalaureate School
ABSAnti Bullying Strategies
ABSAnti-lock Breaking System
ABTAmerican Ballet Theatre
ACApplied Communication
ACArea Consultant
ACAttendance Completed
ACAAlberta College of Art (part of SAIT and prior to 1960 part of PITA)
ACAPAccounting Careers Awareness Program

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