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Educational abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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ACTEAssociation for Career and Technical Education
ACTEAssociation for Career Technical Education
ACTIONAdvising Counseling Testing Involving Orienting And Networking
ACTMAlabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics
ACTSA Community Tutoring Successfully
ACTSAccountability, Caring, Teaching, And Snacks
ACTSAnalytical Creative Thinking Skills
ACTSAssist A Child To School
ACTTAdolescent Creative Transitional Training
ACVTAdvisory Committee for Vocational Training
ADAAmerican Dietetic Association
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act
ADAAverage Daily Attendance
ADAEAverage Daily Attendance Equivalent
ADAMActivities Designed Around Multimedia
ADAPAdult Developmental Activity Program
ADAPTAlcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training
ADATSAgricultural Development And Training Society
ADDAdaptable, Determined, Dedicated
ADDAnti Discipline Disorder
ADDArithmetic Developed Daily
ADDArithmetic Done Daily
ADDAttention Deficit Disorder
ADEAutomated Distance Education
ADEZAbu Dhabi Educational Zone
ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADIApproved Driving Instructor
ADLAdvanced Distributed Learning
ADMAverage Daily Membership
ADTPAdaptive Driver Training Program
ADTPAdolescent Day Treatment Program
ADVPAdult Developmental Vocational Program
AEAdditional Exercise
AEAlternative Education
AEAAlabama Education Association
AEAArea Education Agency
AEAEAssociation of Estonian Adult Educators
AECAuthorized Education Center
AECAuthorized Education Centre
AECTAssociation for Educational Communications and Technology
AEDAlternative Education Distance
AEGISAn Educational Geographical Information System
AEGISAssociation of Educational Guardians for International Students
AEISAcademic Excellence Indicator System
AELAppalachia Educational Laboratory
AEOEPCAlberta Elected Officials Education Program Corporation (Canada)
AEOPAboriginal Education Outreach Program
AEPAcademic Excellence Program

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