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Electronics abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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ACAutonomous Control
ACAAnisotropically Conductive Adhesive
ACADAnodized Ceramic Aluminum Diaphragm
ACARAluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced
ACBAir Circuit Breaker
ACCActual Carriers Created
ACCIAccelerated Coated Conductor Initiative
ACDCAlternating Current, Direct Current
ACEAdvanced Combination Encoder
ACEAlternating Conditional Expectation
ACEArea Control Error
ACEAutomatic Color Equalization
ACEAutomatic Control Environment
ACFAnisotropic Conductive Film
ACFAuto-Correlation Function
ACGIAdaptive Control Grid Interpolation
ACHVAir conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation
ACIAfter Clean Inspection
ACIAutomatic Component Insertion
ACLAliasing Controlling Language
ACLFAutomatic Channel Locking Filter
ACMAbsolute Characteristic Maxima
ACMAluminum Conductor Material
ACMAudio Compression Manager
ACNAccelerator Controls Node
ACPAzimuth Counter Pulse
ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Integration
ACPIAdvanced Control Power Interface
ACRAutomatic Circuit Recloser
ACRPAutomatic Contact Resistance Probe
ACSAdjacent Channel Selectivity
ACSAdvanced Communications System
ACSAlternative Current Switch
ACSRAluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced
ACTActual Cycle Time
ACTAir Cooled Triode
ACTAkebono Ceramic Technology
ACTAlternative Control Technique
ACTMAccelerated Corrosion Testing Method
ADACAdvanced Digital Acoustic Coding
ADACSAdvanced Digital and Analog Collection System
ADAMActive Design and Analysis Modeling
ADAMAdvanced Digital Audio Matrix
ADBAdvanced Digital Bridge
ADCAdvanced Data Converter
ADCAnalog Digital Converter
ADCAnalog to Digital Converter
ADEAdvanced Development Environment
ADFEAdaptive Decision Feedback Equalization
ADIAfter Development Inspection

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