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Electronics abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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AFOSAdvanced Fiber Optic Sensing
AFSAdaptive Frontlighting System
AFSAAir Film Substrate Air
AFTAccelerated Failure Time
AFTAutomatic Fine Tuning
AGCAutomatic Generation Control
A-GEMTFAdvanced Generic Equipment Model Task Force
AGVAutomated Guided Vehicle
AHAmpere Hours
AHArtificial Harmonic
AHBAdvanced High-performance Bus
AHIAudio Hardware Interface
AHSAutomated Highway System
AIAnalog Input
AIAActive Integrated Antenna
AICDAutomatic Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator
AIMAdaptive Ion Milling
AIRAnalog Input Range
AIRAntenna Integrated Radio
AIREFAlarm Industry And Research Educational Foundation
AIREFAlarm Industry Research And Education Foundation
AIREFAlarm Industry Research And Educational Foundation
AIREFAlarm Industry Research And Educational Foundations
AIREFAlarm Industry Research Education Foundation
AIREFAlarm Industry Research Educational Foundation
AISAdhesive Interconnect System
AKBAutomatic Kathode Biasing
AL2O3Aluminum Oxide (aka Alumina or Sapphire)
ALARAAttenuation Low And Results Achieved
ALCAudio Limiter Control
ALDAssistive Listening Device
ALDAtomic Layer Deposition
ALEApplication Logic Element
ALEAtomic Layer Epitaxy
ALFAdvanced Linear-fit Filter
ALGAASAluminum Gallium Arsenide
ALGANAluminum Gallium Nitride
ALLDAutomatic Line Leak Detector
ALPHAAdvanced Lightweight Protective Helmet for Aircrew
ALRAmps-Locked Rotor
ALSAdvanced Light Source
ALSAdvanced Low-power Schottky
ALSCAutonomous Linear Sequential Circuit
ALTCAutomatic Load Tap Changing
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
ALVTAdvanced Low Voltage Technology
AMAnalog Modeling
AMAnte Meridiem (before noon)
AMBAAdvanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture
AMCAirborne Molecular Contamination

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