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Electronics abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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ASIOAudio System Input Output
ASKAmplitude Shift Keying
ASMAdaptive Site Molecule
ASMAdvanced Semiconductor Materials
ASOAutomatic ShutOff
ASPAnalog Signal Processing
ASPARCAbility of Solder Paste to Retain Components
ASRAnalog Shift Register
ASRAutomated Send Receive
ASSMBEAll Solid Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
ASSNArc Suppressor Snubber Network
ASSPApplication Specific Standard Product
ASTARSAPRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) Satellite Tracking And Reporting System
ASTTLAdvanced Schottky Transistor-Transistor Logic
ASURActive Set Update Rate
ASWAugmented Spherical Wave
ATCAmpere Time Counter
ATDFAdvanced Technology Development Facility
ATEAutomatic Test Equipment
ATFAutomation Test Facility
ATGAutomatic Test Generation
ATLASAbbreviated Test Language for All Systems
ATMAsychronous Transfer Mode
ATMAutomated Timing Mechanism
ATMAutomatic Timing Mechanism
ATMESAir Traffic Management Electronic Eervices
ATPAutotransformer Thermal Protection
ATPGAutomatic Test Pattern Generation
ATRAntenna Test Range
ATRAttenuated Total Reflectance
ATSAbsolute Time Sequence
ATSAutomatic Transfer Switch
ATT ONAttenuation On (a reduction in the amplitude level of the outputted sound)
ATUAntenna Tuning Unit
ATZPAwakening To Zero Point
AUBPAUdio Battery Pack
AUXAuxiliary input jack
AVAdjustable Volume
AVCHDAdvanced Video Codec High Definition
AVIAnalog Video Interface
AVMAudio Video Measurement
AVOAmps, Volts, and Ohms
AVPAdvanced Vertical Processor
AVPAnti-Virus Program
AVRAudio Video Receiver
AVRAudio-Video Receiver
AVRAutomatic Voltage Regulation

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