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1ST IOC: MeaningCategory
1ST IOC1st Information Operations CommandMilitary abbreviations

1stioc Related Meaning & Fullform

  • STC- Supplemental Type Certificate
  • STCA- Short-Term Conflict Alert
  • SIDS- Sudden infant death syndrome
  • SGTS- Second-Generation Tank Sight
  • STE/ICE- Simplified Test Equipment/Internal Combustion Engine (US)
  • SEADS- Southeast Air Defense Sector
  • STS- Special Tactics Squadron
  • SSTG- Ships Service Turbo Generator
  • SDC- Shaft Driven Compressor
  • SDHC- Secure Digital High Capacity
  • SDXC- Secure Digital eXtended Capacity
  • SCDES- Sidewall Core Description
  • SDIC- Sonic Dual Induction
  • STSH- String Shot
  • STX- Henry E. Rohlsen Airport
  • SDQ- Las Américas International Airport
  • STJ- Rosecrans Memorial Airport

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