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1USVCR1st United States Volunteer Cavalry RegimentNon-Profit Organizations

1usvcr Related Meaning & Fullform

  • USPHS- United States Public Health Service
  • UGFC- United Ghana Farmers' Council
  • UGFCC- United Ghana Farmers' Council of Cooperatives
  • UCBSA- United Cricket Board of South Africa
  • USAFSPC- U.S. Air Force Space Command
  • USFWS- United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • USJFCOM- United States Joint Forces Command
  • USPS- United States Postal Service
  • USSPACECOM- United States Space Command
  • UCPPS- Urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome (IC/PBS + CP/CPPS)
  • UCFS- United Community Family Services
  • USBC- Used Steel Beverage Container
  • USFS- User Supplied Format String
  • USAEPG- United States Army Electronic Proving Ground
  • USAFAC- United States Army Finance and Accounting Center
  • USAFAC&FS- United States Army Finance and Accounting Center and Fort Sill
  • USAFAGOS- United States Air Force Ground Operations System
  • USAFAS- United States Army Field Artillery School
  • USAFISA- United States Army Force Integration Support Agency
  • USAFSA- United States Army Security Agency Field Station Augsburg

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