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3GThird GenerationElectronics abbreviations

3g Related Meaning & Fullform

  • GUI- Graphics User Interface
  • GCU- Generator control unit
  • GGS- Global positioning system ground station
  • GO- Go Around
  • GS- Glide Slope
  • GHAA- Group Health Association of America
  • GC- Gonococcal, gonorrhea
  • GI- Gastrointestinal
  • GU- Genitourinary
  • g- gramme(s)
  • GAO- General Accounting Office
  • GCE- gun control equipment
  • GCW- Gross Combat Weight
  • GH- gun-howitzer
  • GW- guided weapon
  • GCCS- Global Command and Control System (pronounced: geeks—IPA: giks)
  • GCS- Ground Control Station

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