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3jr All Meaning, Fullform & Abbreviations

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3JR: MeaningCategory
3JRThird Battalion Jamaica RegimentMilitary abbreviations
3JRThird Year JuniorUniversity abbreviations

3jr Related Meaning & Fullform

  • JOR- Jordan (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • JRA- Japanese Red Army||Joint Rear Area
  • JRE- Java Runtime Environment
  • JSR- Java Specification Request
  • JCR- Jacareacanga Airport
  • JKR- Janakpur Airport
  • JER- Jersey Airport
  • JIR- Jiri Airport
  • JRH- Jorhat Airport
  • JUR- Jurien Bay Airport
  • JGR- Kangilinnguit Heliport (Grønnedal Heliport)
  • JRO- Kilimanjaro International Airport

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