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4WMFour Wave MixingElectronics abbreviations

4wm Related Meaning & Fullform

  • WMA- Windows Media Audio
  • WMI- WXR indicator mount
  • WAM- Wide Area Mines (US)
  • WAMI- Wide Area Motion Imagery (US)
  • WM- Woman/Women Marine(s)
  • WAN- Wide area network
  • WEM- West Edmonton Mall
  • WHAM- Wisconsin Hydrogen-Alpha Mapping (telescope)
  • WIN- T|| Warfighter Information Network-Tactical
  • WIYN- Wisconsin Indiana Yale NOAO telescope consortium
  • WMO- World Meteorological Organization
  • WNA- World Nuclear Association
  • WNW- West North-West
  • WOM- Write Only Memory
  • WHM- Wellhead Maintenance

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