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Ace All Meaning, Fullform & Abbreviations

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ACE: MeaningCategory
ACEArmored Combat Earthmover (US)military
ACEAir Combat Emulator (computer game)Acronym
ACEAllied Command EuropeAcronym
ACEArmored Combat EarthmoverAcronym
ACEAutomatic Computing EngineAcronym
ACELanzarote Airport[Arrecife, Canary Islands, Spain]IATA Airport Code
ACE(spacecraft) Advanced Composition Explorerastronomy
ACEAdvanced Computing Environmentcomputing
ACEArea Control Error (electricity)energy
ACEAcetateChemistry abbreviations
ACEAction Community for EntrepreneurshipCommunity abbreviations
ACEActive Community EnrichmentCommunity abbreviations
ACEAdventure Camaraderie And EntertainmentCommunity abbreviations
ACEAdvocacy For Community EmploymentCommunity abbreviations
ACEAirport Community EnthusiastCommunity abbreviations
ACEArkansas Community of ExcellenceCommunity abbreviations
ACEAcademic Creative EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAcademically Committed EnvironmentEducational abbreviations
ACEAcademics, Citizenship, and EffortEducational abbreviations
ACEAccelerated Cooperative EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAchievement Credentials And EvaluationEducational abbreviations
ACEAchievement, Character, and ExcellenceEducational abbreviations
ACEAchieving and Choosing ExcellenceEducational abbreviations
ACEActivities Council of EastviewEducational abbreviations
ACEActivity Care and EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAdult and Community EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAdvanced Content and EnrichmentEducational abbreviations
ACEAdvanced Continuous EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAdvancing Creative ExcellenceEducational abbreviations
ACEAffordable Community EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAIDS Counseling and EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAids Counseling EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAlternative Cooperative EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAnimated Communications EffectivenessEducational abbreviations
ACEAnticipative Continuing EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAppreciate and Celebrate ExcellenceEducational abbreviations
ACEAppreciation, Certification, and EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAssistance, Counseling, and EncouragementEducational abbreviations
ACEAssociated Choice and ExcellenceEducational abbreviations
ACEAttend Class EverydayEducational abbreviations
ACEAurally Coded EnglishEducational abbreviations
ACEAviation Career ExplorationEducational abbreviations
ACEAviation Careers EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAvoc Continuing EducationEducational abbreviations
ACEAdvanced Combination EncoderElectronics abbreviations
ACEAlternating Conditional ExpectationElectronics abbreviations
ACEArea Control ErrorElectronics abbreviations
ACEAutomatic Color EqualizationElectronics abbreviations
ACEAutomatic Control EnvironmentElectronics abbreviations
ACEAccess, Collaboration, and Equitycomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAdvanced Collaborative Environmentcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAdvanced Computing Environment [obsolete]computing abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAsynchronous Communications Elementcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAdvanced Computer Entertainmentmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAmerican Cinema Editorsmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAmerican Classic Editionmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAssistant Community Editormedia abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAwards For Cablecasting Excellencemedia abbreviations and acronyms
ACEA Ceased ExplosionMilitary abbreviations
ACEAdaptive Communication EnvironmentMilitary abbreviations
ACEAerobatic Competency EvaluatorMilitary abbreviations
ACEAir Combat ElementMilitary abbreviations
ACEAir Force Airborne Command ElementMilitary abbreviations
ACEAirborne Command ElementMilitary abbreviations
ACEAirborne Communications ElectronicsMilitary abbreviations
ACEAnalysis and Control ElementMilitary abbreviations
ACEArmored Combat Earth-moverMilitary abbreviations
ACEArmored Combat ExcavatorMilitary abbreviations
ACEArmy Combat Earth-moverMilitary abbreviations
ACEASAS (All-Source Analysis System) Collateral EnclaveMilitary abbreviations
ACEAssistant Chief of EngineersMilitary abbreviations
ACEAviation Career EducationMilitary abbreviations
ACEAviation Combat ElementMilitary abbreviations
ACEAviation Combat Element, United States Marine CorpsMilitary abbreviations
ACEAviation Council EmeritusMilitary abbreviations
ACEAvión de Combate EuropeoMilitary abbreviations
ACEAccessing Creative ExpressionNon-Profit Organizations
ACEAdvocacy and Communication for EveryoneNon-Profit Organizations
ACEAmerican Cultural ExchangeNon-Profit Organizations
ACEAssociation of Communication ExcellenceNon-Profit Organizations
ACEActive Content Enginesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAdobe Color Enginesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAnti Chop Eyesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ACEApplication Connection Extensionsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ACEApplications, Connections, and Extensionssoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAutomated Chatting Enginesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ACEAchievement Of Clubbing Excellencesports abbreviations
ACEAdventure Camaraderie Entertainmentsports abbreviations
ACEAgility, Challenge, and Expertisesports abbreviations
ACEAmerican Cheer Expresssports abbreviations
ACEAnnual Catch Entitlementsports abbreviations
ACEAthlete Career and Educationsports abbreviations
ACEAthletics Career Educationsports abbreviations
ACEAcademic And Career ExcellenceUniversity abbreviations
ACEAcademic Career ExcellenceUniversity abbreviations
ACEAcademic Center For ExcellenceUniversity abbreviations
ACEAcademic Character ExcellenceUniversity abbreviations
ACEAcademic Community For EnrichmentUniversity abbreviations
ACEAcademic Competition Of ExcellenceUniversity abbreviations
ACEAcademic Core EnrichmentUniversity abbreviations
ACEAccelerated College EducationUniversity abbreviations
ACEAccelerated College EnrollmentUniversity abbreviations
ACEAccent and Conversational EnglishUniversity abbreviations
ACEAchievement Centred EnvironmentUniversity abbreviations
ACEAchieving a College EducationUniversity abbreviations
ACEAdhiyamaan College of EngineeringUniversity abbreviations
ACEAdvanced Compatibility EngineeringUniversity abbreviations
ACEAltruistic Campus ExperienceUniversity abbreviations
ACEAsociación Catalana de EstudiantesUniversity abbreviations
ACEAssociation of Collegiate EntrepreneursUniversity abbreviations
ACEAutomotive Centre of ExcellenceUniversity abbreviations

Ace Related Meaning & Fullform

  • AAC- Advanced Audio Coding
  • ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • ACC- Area Control Centre
  • ACS- Audio Control System
  • AGC- Automatic gain control
  • AHC- Attitude Heading Control
  • AOC- Aeronautical Operational Control
  • ASU- Avionics switching unit
  • ACHE- American College of Healthcare Executives
  • ACA- Affordable Care Act
  • ACU- Ambulatory care unit
  • AG- Attorney General
  • ASC- Ambulatory surgery center
  • ASO- Administrative services only contract
  • AS- Aortic stenosis
  • AAG- Anti-aircraft gun
  • AAK- Appliqué armor kit (US)
  • A/C- aircraft commander
  • AC- alternating current

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