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ADCON: MeaningCategory
ADCONAdministrative ControlAirforce
ADCONADministrative CONtrolMilitary abbreviations
ADCONAdvice All ConcernedMilitary abbreviations

Adcon Related Meaning & Fullform

  • ATGM- Anti-tank guided missile
  • ATACMS- Army TACtical Missile System
  • AtZn-MP- Arabidopsis thaliana Zinc-MetalloProtease
  • ADTSEM- Apply/Develop Track Specific Equipment Model
  • AADCOM- Army Air Defense Command
  • ADC(M)- Assistant Division Commander for Maneuver
  • ADC-M- Assistant Division Commander for Maneuver
  • ADCI/MS- Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support
  • ADCOM- Aerospace Defense Command
  • ADCOMSUBORDCOMPHIBSPAC- ADministrative COMmand, AmPHIBious Forces, PACfic Fleet SUBordinate COMmand
  • ADDCOMPE- Army/DARPA Distributed Communications and Processing Experiment
  • ADEXJAM- Artillery Delivered Expendable Jammer
  • ADKEM- Advanced Kinetic Energy Missile
  • ADSM- active duty service members
  • ATACOMAP- Army TActical Command and Control MAster Plan
  • ATCMD- Advance Transportation Control and Movement Document
  • ATCOM- Aviation and Troop Command

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