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Cd All Meaning, Fullform & Abbreviations

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cd: MeaningCategory
Cd: MeaningCategory
CD: MeaningCategory
CDCompact DiscOpen Standards
CDmany, including Compact Disc; see entryAcronym
CDcore descriptionoil&gas
CD(catalog) Cordoba Durchmusterungastronomy
CDContract Demandenergy
CDCentration distanceoptometric
CDCentral DistrictCommunity abbreviations
CDContinuing DevelopmentEducational abbreviations
CDCoordinate DescriptionEducational abbreviations
CDCapacitive DischargeElectronics abbreviations
CDCircuit DesignElectronics abbreviations
CDContact DiscontinuityElectronics abbreviations
CDCritical DimensionElectronics abbreviations
CDChange Directoriescomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CDChange Directorycomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CDCandela (Luminous Intensity)media abbreviations and acronyms
CDCelebrity Disguisemedia abbreviations and acronyms
CDCable DriverMilitary abbreviations
CDCanadian DecorationMilitary abbreviations
CDCavalry DivisionMilitary abbreviations
CDChannel DesignatorMilitary abbreviations
CDCivil DefenseMilitary abbreviations
CDCollision DetectionMilitary abbreviations
CDCombat DevelopmentMilitary abbreviations
CDCommunications DeceptionMilitary abbreviations
CDConference on DisarmamentMilitary abbreviations
CDControl DataMilitary abbreviations
CDCoordinating DraftMilitary abbreviations
CDCounter DrugMilitary abbreviations
CDCustomer DirectMilitary abbreviations
CDContent Distributionsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CDClassical Dressagesports abbreviations
CDClass DemoUniversity abbreviations

Cd Related Meaning & Fullform

  • CAT I- Operational performance Category 1
  • CAT II- Operational performance Category II
  • CAT IIIa- Operational performance Category IIIa
  • CDA- Continuous descent approach
  • CDI- Course deviation indicator
  • CDTI- Cockpit display of traffic information
  • CAT- Computerized axial tomography
  • CADE- Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology
  • CAD- Computer-assisted design
  • CATT- Combined arms tactical trainer (UK)
  • CCD- Charge-coupled device
  • CDU- Command display unit
  • CET- Combat engineer tractor
  • CSSD- Combat service support detachment
  • CTA- Case telescoped ammunition
  • CTD- Concept technology demonstrator
  • CTI- Central tyre inflation
  • CTO- Central Treaty Organisation or Baghdad Pact

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