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Iata airport code Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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AHD[Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States]Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport (FAA: 1F0)
AHE[Ahe, French Polynesia]Ahe Airport
AHF[Arapahoe, Nebraska, United States]Arapahoe Municipal Airport (FAA: 37V)
AHH[Amery, Wisconsin, United States]Amery Municipal Airport
AHI[Amahai, Indonesia]Amahai Airport
AHL[Aishalton, Guyana]Aishalton Airport
AHN[Athens, Georgia, United States]Athens-Ben Epps Airport
AHO[Alghero, Sardinia, Italy]Fertilia Airport (Alghero Airport)
AHS[Ahuas, Honduras]Ahuas Airport
AHU[Al Hoceima, Morocco]Charif Al ldrissi Airport
AHY[Ambatolahy, Madagascar]Ambatolahy Airport
AHZ[Alpe d'Huez, France]Alpe d'Huez Airport
AIA[Alliance, Nebraska, United States]Alliance Municipal Airport
AIC[Airok, Marshall Islands]Airok Airport
AID[Anderson, Indiana, United States]Anderson Municipal Airport (Darlington Field)
AIE[Aiome, Papua New Guinea]Aiome Airport
AIF[Assis, São Paulo, Brazil]Assis Airport
AIG[Yalinga, Central African Republic]Yalinga Airport
AIH[Aiambak, Papua New Guinea]Aiambak Airport
AII[Ali-Sabieh, Djibouti]Ali-Sabieh Airport
AIK[Aiken, South Carolina, United States]Aiken Municipal Airport
AIL[Ailigandi, Panama]Ailigandi Airport
AIM[Ailuk, Marshall Islands]Ailuk Airport
AIN[Fort Wainwright, Alaska, United States]Wainwright Airport (FAA: AWI)
AIO[Atlantic, Iowa, United States]Atlantic Municipal Airport
AIP[Ailinglaplap Atoll, Marshall Islands]Ailinglaplap Atoll
AIR[Aripuanã, Mato Grosso, Brazil]Aripuanã Airport
AIS[Arorae Island, Kiribati]Arorae Island Airport
AIT[Aitutaki, Cook Islands]Aitutaki Island Airport
AIU[Atiu Island, Cook Islands]Atiu Island Airport
AIV[Aliceville, Alabama, United States]George Downer Airport
AIW[Ai-Ais, Namibia]Ai-Ais Airport
AIY[Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States]Atlantic City Municipal Airport (Bader Field) (closed 2006)
AIZ[Lake Ozark, Missouri, United States]Lee C. Fine Memorial Airport
AJA[Ajaccio, Corsica, France]Ajaccio - Campo dell'Oro Airport
AJF[Al-Jawf, Saudi Arabia]Al-Jawf Domestic Airport
AJI[Ağrı, Turkey]Ağrı Airport
AJJ[Akjoujt, Mauritania]Akjoujt Airport
AJL[Aizawl, India]Aizawl Airport
AJN[Anjouan, Comoros]Ouani Airport
AJO[Aljouf, Yemen]Aljouf Airport
AJR[Arvidsjaur, Sweden]Arvidsjaur Airport
AJS[Abreojos, Baja California Sur, Mexico]Abreojos Airport
AJU[Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil]Santa Maria Airport
AJY[Agadez, Niger]Mano Dayak International Airport
AKA[Ankang, Shaanxi, China]Ankang Airport
AKB[Atka, Alaska, United States]Atka Airport (FAA: AKA)
AKC[Akron, Ohio, United States]Akron Fulton International Airport (FAA: AKR)
AKD[Akola, India]Akola Airport
AKE[Akieni, Gabon]Akieni Airport

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