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Iata airport code Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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AMG[Amboin, Papua New Guinea]Amboin Airport
AMH[Arba Minch, Ethiopia]Arba Minch Airport
AMI[Mataram, Indonesia]Selaparang Airport (closed 2011)
AMJ[Almenara, Minas Gerais, Brazil]Almenara Airport
AMK[Durango, Colorado, United States]Animas Air Park (FAA: 00C)
AML[Puerto Armuellas, Panama]Puerto Armuellas Airport
AMM[Amman, Jordan]Queen Alia International Airport
AMN[Alma, Michigan, United States]Gratiot Community Airport
AMO[Mao, Chad]Mao Airport
AMP[Ampanihy, Madagascar]Ampanihy Airport
AMQ[Ambon, Indonesia]Pattimura Airport
AMR[Arno, Marshall Islands]Arno Airport
AMS[Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands]Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
AMT[Amata, Northern Territory, Australia]Amata Airport
AMU[Amanab, Papua New Guinea]Amanab Airport
AMV[Amderma, Russia]Amderma Airport
AMW[Ames, Iowa, United States]Ames Municipal Airport
AMX[Ammaroo, Northern Territory, Australia]Ammaroo Airport
AMY[Ambatomainty, Madagascar]Ambatomainty Airport
AMZ[Ardmore, New Zealand]Ardmore Airport
ANB[Anniston, Alabama, United States]Anniston Metropolitan Airport
ANC[Anchorage, Alaska, United States]Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
AND[Anderson, South Carolina, United States]Anderson Regional Airport
ANE[Angers, France]Angers - Avrillé Aerodrome (Angers-Marcé Airport)
ANF[Antofagasta, Chile]Cerro Moreno International Airport
ANG[Angoulême, France]Angoulême - Brie - Champniers Airport
ANH[Anuha Island Resort, Solomon Islands]Anuha Island Resort Airport
ANI[Aniak, Alaska, United States]Aniak Airport
ANJ[Zanaga, Republic of the Congo]Zanaga Airport
ANK[Ankara, Turkey]Etimesgut Airport
ANL[Andulo, Angola]Andulo Airport
ANM[Antalaha, Madagascar]Antsirabato Airport
ANN[Annette Island, Alaska, United States]Annette Island Airport
ANO[Angoche, Mozambique]Angoche Airport
ANP[Annapolis, Maryland, United States]Lee Airport
ANQ[Angola, Indiana, United States]Tri-State Steuben County Airport
ANR[Antwerp, Belgium]Antwerp International Airport
ANS[Andahuaylas, Peru]Andahuaylas Airport
ANT[St. Anton, Austria]St. Anton Airport
ANU[St. John's, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda]V.C. Bird International Airport
ANV[Anvik, Alaska, United States]Anvik Airport
ANW[Ainsworth, Nebraska, United States]Ainsworth Municipal Airport
ANX[Andenes, Norway]Andøya Airport, Andenes
ANY[Anthony, Kansas, United States]Anthony Municipal Airport
ANZ[Angus Downs, Northern Territory, Australia]Angus Downs Airport
AOA[Aroa, Papua New Guinea]Aroa Airport
AOB[Annanberg, Papua New Guinea]Annanberg Airport
AOC[Altenburg, Thuringia, Germany]Leipzig-Altenburg Airport
AOD[Abou-Deia, Chad]Abou-Deia Airport
AOE[Eskişehir, Turkey]Anadolu Airport

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