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2LMRole 2 Light Maneuver
2LTSecond Lieutenant
2 WVI2nd West Virginia Infantry Regiment
30 FAR30th Field Artillery Regiment
33WArmy designation for electronic warfare repair specialist
36RQF36th Rescue Flight
38TMW38th Tactical Missile Wing
3ACC3A Central Control
3-DOFThree Degree Of Freedom
3DSDigital Decision Display System
3JRThird Battalion Jamaica Regiment
3MMaintenance and Materiel Management
3XMAG3X Magnifier lens
442 RCT442nd Regimental Combat Team
48 FW48th Fighter Wing
4ID4th Infantry Division
4WWThe Fourth World War
503 RCT503rd Regimental Combat Team
517 PRCT517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team
596 SSC596th Signal Support Company
5CCGPFifth Combat Communications Group
5MMachinery, Manpower, Material, Measurement, and Method
60SSC60th Signal Service Company
615 AMOG615th Air Mobility Operations Group
618 TACC618th Tanker Airlift Control Center
63BLight Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
63YTrack Vehicle Mechanic Mos
643ASG643rd Area Support Group
645TD645th Tank Destroyer Battalion
66 TAC66th Tatical Aviation Command
67YAH-1 Attack Helicopter Repairer MOS
6-DOFSix Degree Of Freedom
75 RGR75th Ranger Regiment
772EOD722nd Ordnance Company
7CAV7th Cavalry Regiment (the Michigan Seventh)
7 WVI7th West Virginia Infantry Regiment
81 IR ILL81mm Mortar Infrared Illumination Round
82AD82nd Airborne Division
8AMinority-owned or other Disadvantaged Business
8AF8th Air Force
920RQG920th Rescue Group
94ID94th Infantry Division
96BIntelligence Analyst Military Occupational Specialty code
A&DAdmission and Disposition (report)
A&DAerospace and Defence

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