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A&DAerospace and Defense
A/Dactive duty
A/DACGArrival/Departure Airfield Control Group
A/DCGArrival/Departure Control Group
A&DSLAdministrative and Direct Support Logistics
A/EAircraft Engineering
A/ETFAutomated/Electronic Target Folder
A/LApproach and Landing
A/MApproach and Moor
A/MLCMCAviation/ Missile Life Cycle Management Command
A/NMAdministrative/Network Management
A&PAdministrative and Personnel
A&PAnalysis and Prediction
A&QAlert and Que
A0FAAD C2I Workstation computer unit
A1CAirman First Class - USAF
A-2Intelligence Staff section of United States Army Air Corps
A2Algorithmic Architecture
A2ATDAnti-Armor Advanced Technology Demonstrator
A2C2Army Airborne Command and Control
A2C2Army Airspace Command and Control
A2C2SArmy Airborne Command and Control System
A2I2KArmy Airborne Intelligence 2000
A2S3AFATDS Application Software Segment Specification
A-3Air Force Operations Directorate
A3Armor/ Anti-Armor
A3MPArmor/ Anti-Armor Master Plan
A-4Air Force Logistics Directorate
A-5Air Force Plans Directorate
AAAbbreviated Analysis
AAAccreditation Authority
AAAdministrative Assistant
AAAdverse Action
AAAffordability Analysis
AAAir Ambulance
AAAir To Air
AAAlgorithmic Architecture
AAAllied Affairs
AAAlways Aground
AAAlways Available
AAAmerica's Army
AAAnchor Assembly
AAAnti Aircraft

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