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Military abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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AAAppointing Authority
AAAptitude Area
AAArmor Attachment
AAArmored Ambulance
AAArmored Assault
AAAssembly Area
AAAssessment Agent
AAAttack Assessment
AAAuto Assault
AAAutomatic Answer
AAAvenue of Approach
AA&EArms, Ammunition, and Explosives
AAAAccess All Areas
AAAAir Avenue of Approach
AAAAirborne Assault Area
AAAAllied Airborne Army
AAAAlternate Assembly Area
AAAAnarchy Armageddon Annihilation
AAAAnti-Aircraft Artillery
AAAArmy Audit Agency
AAAArrival and Assembly Area
AAAAssign Alternate Area
AAAAuthority Authorization Auditing
AAAAwaiting Aircraft Availability
AAAAArmy Aviation Association of America
AAACOArmy Airborne/Airlift Coordinating Office
AAACSAccuracy Analysis of Artillery Cannon Systems
AAADAn Army At Dawn
AAAMAdvanced Air-to-Air Missile
AAAOBAnti Aircraft Artillery Order Of Battle
AAASAdvanced Aircraft Armament System
AAASAmphibious Aviation Assault Ship
AAAVAdvanced Airborne Command Post
AABAmerican Assault Brigade
AABAviation Armament Bulletin
AABCArmy Acquisition Basic Course
AABCAustralian Army Band Corps
AABNCPAdvanced AirBorne National Command Post
AABWSAmphibious Assault Bulk Water System
AACAcquisition Advice Code
AACActivity Address Code
AACAlaskan Air Command
AACArmy Acquisition Corps
AACArmy Air Corps
AACAt Any Cost
AACAustralian Army Cadets
AACAArmy Airlift Clearance Authority
AACEAircraft Alerting Communication EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)
AACGAir Assault Compact Grader

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