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Military abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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AACGArrival Airfield Control Group
AACLAttention Affect Check List
AACOBArmy Automation Command Operating Budget
AACOMSArmy Area Communications System
AACSAirborne Alternate Control Station
AACSArmy Airways Communications System
AACSCArmy Automation and Communications Steering Committee
AACTAir-to-Air Combat Test
AACTSAlpena Air Combat Training System
AACTSAutomated All-weather Cargo Transfer System
AACUSAutonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System[USN]
AACVArmored Aircraft Carrying Vehicle
AADArmy Air Defense
AADAssessment of Active Devices
AADCAll Application Digital Computer
AADCArea Air Defense Commander
AADC2Army Air Defense Command and Control
AADCCSArmy Air Defense Command and Control System
AADCOMArmy Air Defense Command
AADCPArmy Air Defense Command Post
AADEOSAdvanced Air Defense Electro Optical System
AADEOSAdvanced Air Defense Electro- Optical Sensor
AADEOSAdvanced Air Defense Electro-Optic System
AADIAmerican Aerospace & Defense Industries
AADPArea Air Defense Plan
AADPSAlgorithmic Architecture Data Processing Subsystem
AADSAerial Assault Dedicated Servers
AADSAirborne Acoustic Detection System
AADSAmphibious Assault Direction System
AADSArmy Aviation Decontamination Station
AADSArmy Aviation Dehuminification System
AADSACSArmy Air Defense Surveillance and Control System
AAEArmy Acquisition Executive
AAEArtillery Accuracy Effectiveness
AAECAeromedical Evacuation Control Team
AAEDAdvanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
AAENActive Army, Enlisted
AAEPCSArmy Acquisition Executive Program Control Central System
AAESAArmy Acquisition Executive Support Agency
AAESAAssessment Of Atmospheric Effects Of Stratospheric Aircraft
AAFArmy Air Force
AAFArmy AirField
AAFAuxiliary AirField
AAFAAmerican Amphibious Force Association
AAFAArmy Aviation Flight Activity
AAFARSAdvanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System
AAFCAustralian Air Force Cadet
AAFCEAll Allied Forces Central Europe
AAFCEAllied Air Forces, Central Europe
AAFIAudible Automatic Failure Indicator

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