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Military abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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YPYearly Plan
YPYellow Pig
YPAYearly Plan of Action
YPGYuma Proving Grounds
YPQ-14Culver prototype PQ-14A aerial target
YPT-16Ryan prototype PT-16 trainer aircraft
YPT-9Stearman prototype PT-9 Cloudboy trainer aircraft
YPZProductivity Zones delineated from Yield map data
YQM-94ABoeing prototype high-altitude, long-range, remotely piloted vehicle
YRYamato Rise
YRB-49Northrop prototype RB-49 reconnaissance aircraft
YRF-84FRepublic prototype RF-84F FICON reconnaissance fighter
YROYear- Round Operations
YSYoung Slacker
YSCYearly Spares Cost
YSGYoung Soldier Gang
YTBYearly Training Brief
YTGYearly Training Guidance
YTTPYou Take The Point
YWYoung Warriors
YYTwo-digit year date
YYYing Yang
YYYYFour-digit year date
ZAircraft Symbol prefix ? Planning
ZFlash Precedence
ZZulu time
Z/Fzone of fire
ZAZapadnaya Armiya
ZAZone Alarm
ZAFZambia Airforce
ZAPZimbabwean Anti Personnel
ZBZero- Base
ZBBZero-Base Budgeting
ZBMZero Ballistic Missiles
ZBMRZero Ballistic Missile Regime
ZCZone Control
ZCAZinc Corporation of America
ZCAZone Control Alarm
ZEUSZero Energy Uranium System
ZFZero Funds
ZFZone of Fire
ZGDZhongguo GongchanDang (Communist Party of China)
ZHZero Hour
ZHQZone HeadQuarters
ZIZero Incident
ZIZone Intercept
ZIZone of Interior
ZIFZero Incident Frequency
ZISZavod Imeni Stalina

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