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Military abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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ZKZonnar Krasnagorsk
ZMZone Management
ZMKZimnoi Maskirovochnyi Kostium
ZMOZone Management Officer
ZOCZone Of Control
ZOIZone of the Interior
ZOLZone Of Life
ZOOMZoom Out On Missions
ZPNaval Airship Patrol Squadron ( All-Weather Anti-Submarine)
ZPRZero Power Reactor
ZQZero Quantity
ZQDIZero Quantity Detail Item
ZQDIAZero Quantity Detail Item Assignment
ZRZero Restriction
ZR-3Zeppelin U S S Los Angeles
ZRS-4Zeppelin Rigid Scout #4
ZRS-4Zeppelin U S S Akron
ZRS-5Zeppelin U S S Macon
ZSG-4Naval Scout Airship built by Goodyear
ZSUZenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka
ZSU 23-4Russian Shilka 23mm 4-barreled Anti- Aircraft gun
ZSU 57-2Russian 57mm 2-barreled Anti- Aircraft gun
ZtTotal Available Effort (Z = Effort)
ZTZimmermann Telegram
ZTBZap The Bastards
ZTGZeppelin Training Group
ZTOZone Transportation Officer
ZTZZero Tolerance Zone
ZULUUniversal Time Zone indicator
ZVRZero Velocity Record
ZWNaval Airship Early Warning Squadron
ZWPZero Work Pool
ZZWZidowski Zwiazek Woskowy (Polish Jewish Military Union)

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