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Military abbreviations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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AAFIFAutomated Air Facilities Information File
AAFIFAutomated Air Facility Information File
AAFRSSArmy/ Air Force Reconnaissance Surveillance Study
AAFSAmphibious Assault Fuel System
AAFSFAmphibious Assault Fuel Supply Facility
AAGArmy Artillery Group
AAGEArmy Advisory Group on Energy
AAGSArmy Air Ground System
AAGSArmy Air-Ground System
AAHAdvanced Attack Helicopter
AAHAAwaiting Action Higher Authority
AAIAdditional Authorized Items
AAIAir-To-Air Intercept
AAIAll-Actor Integration
AAIArmy Analysis Intelligence
AAIAuthorized Active Inventory
AAIAutomatic Autodin Interface
AAIAAden Abyan Islamic Army
AAIPApproved Aircraft Inspection Program
AAISACE ACCIS Implementation Strategy
AAISAnti-Aircraft Intelligence Service (World War II)
AAISFTArmy Aircraft Inventory, Status, and Flying Time (report)
AALAdditional Authorization List
AALAsynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer
AALAuthorized Allowance List
AALCAdvanced Airdrop for Land Combat
AALOCActive Army Location
AALPSAutomated Air Load Planning System
AALSAcoustic Artillery Location System
AAMAdopt A Minefield
AAMAir To Air Missile
AAMAir-To-Air Missile
AAMAmphibious Assault Model
AAMAnti Aircraft Missle
AAMArmy Achievement Medal
AAMAAircraft And Missile Armament
AAMAArea Airspace Management Authority
AAMAPArmy Automation Master Plan
AAMDCUS Army Air and Missile Defense Command
AAMHAnnual Maintenance Manhours
AAMMMAnti- (Anti-Missile Missile) Missile
AAMMPActive Army Military Management Program
AAMMPActive Army Military Manpower Program
AAMMPAnti-Armor Munitions Master Plan
AAMMSArmy Automated Multimedia System
AAMPAdvanced Aircraft Maneuvering Program
AAMPArmy Aviation Modernization Plan
AAMPMAnnual Available MOS Productive Man-hours
AAMPSAnti Army Master Plan Studies
AAMROArmy Air Movement Requirements Office

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