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AAMSAir-to-Air Missile System
AAMSAirport Airside Management System
AAMSLAnti-Aircraft MiSsiLe
AAMSUArmy Air Movement Support Unit
AAMWDAir-to-Air MEP/ Weapon Integration Demonstration
AAOAgainst All Odds
AAOArmy Acquisition Objective
AAOAuthorized Acquisition Objective
AAOCAnti Aircraft Operations Center
AAOCArm Arterial Occlusion Cuffs
AAOEArrival and Assembly Operations Element
AAOFActive Army, Officer
AAOFArmy Aviation Operations Facility
AAOGArrival and Assembly Operations Group
AAPAffirmative Action Plan
AAPAllied Administrative Publication
AAPArmy Ammunition Plant
AAPArmy Apprenticeship Program
AAPArmy Automation Program
AAPAssign Alternate Parent
AAPAutonomous Airborne Platform
AAPBGArmy Automation Program Budget Guidance
AAPCAdvanced Armoured Personnel Carrier
AAPIAircraft Accident Prevention And Investigation
AAPIAttack Assessment Predicted Impact
AAPMHAnnual Available Productive Man Hours
AAPPAffirmative Action Program Plans
AAPPESArmy Automation Planning, Programming, and Evaluation System
AAPRArmy Aviation Program Review
AAPRSOArmy Aviation Personnel Requirements for Sustained Operations
AAPUAustralian Army Photographs Unit
AARAfter Action Report
AARAir To Air Refueling
AARAll American Rejects
AARAAir-to-Air Refueling Area
AARCAnderson U.S. Army Reserve Center, Troy, Alabama
AARDAdvanced Automotive Recovery Department
AARDACArmy Air Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment in CONUS
AARLArmy Aeromedical Research Lab
AARLArmy Aeromedical Research Laboratory
AARSAdvanced Aerial Radiac System
AARSAdvanced Airborne Radar System
AARSAdvanced Airborne Radiac System
AARTAssessment and Recovery Team
AARTSArmy/American Council on Education Registry Transcript Service
AASAlert Area Supervisor
AASArmy Apprentices School
AASAAdministrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
AASAAmerica's Army Server Administrators
AASAMActive Army Seasonalized Accession Model

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