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AASDAAnti-Armor Systems DetectAbility
AASFAdvanced Air Striking Force
AASFArmy Area Signal Center
AASFArmy Aviation Support Facility
AASGAmphibious Afloat Support Group
AASLTAir Assault
AASMAdvanced Air-to- Surface Missile
AASMArmement Air-Sol Modulaire
AASMAustralian Active Service Medal
AASPArmy Automation Security Program
AASPRArmy Aviation System Program Review
AASRAdvanced Airborne Surveillance Radar
AASTArmy Aerial Scout Test
AATAdvanced Armament Technology
AATAmerica's Army Training
AATAutomatic Analog Test
AATAutomatic Analog Tester
AATAviation Advisory Team
AATAviation Applied Technology
AATCCAmphibious Air Traffic Control Center
AATDAviation Applied Technology Directorate
AAUAmerican Assault Units
AAUAnalog Applique Unit
AAVAdvanced Assault Amphibious Vehicle
AAVArmored Amphibious Vehicle
AAV/IMAutonomous Aerial Vehicle/ Intelligent Munitions
AAV7Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AAVCArmored Assault Vehicle Command
AAVPArmy Audiovisual Program
AAVSAerospace Audio-Visual System
AAVSOAmerican and Allied Very Secret Organizations
AAWActive Aeroelastic Wing (X-53)
AAWAdvanced Attack Weapon
AAWAir-to-Air Weapon
AAWAnti-Air Warfare
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Coordinator
AAWCSAnti-Air Warfare Combat System
AAWOActive Army, Warrant Officer
AAWOAnti Air Warfare Officer
AAWOAnti Aircraft Warfare Officer
AAWSAnti Air Warfare System
AAWS-HAdvanced Anti-Armor Weapons System - Heavy
AAWS-MAdvanced Anti-Armor Weapons System - Medium
AAWWSAirborne Adverse Weather Weapon System
AAWWSAirborne Adverse Weather Weapons System
ABAble Bodied
ABAfter the Bomb
ABAir Boss
ABAll Battle

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