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IRT"in reference to..."
ITInformation System Technician
ITSInformation Technology Submarines
JAGJudge Advocate General's Corps, U.S. Navy
JBDJet Blast Deflector (carriers)
JP-5Jet Propellant no. 5, standard Navy jet fuel (F-44, AVCAT)
JTFJoint Task Force
JTFEXJoint Task Force Exercise
LANTCOMAtlantic Command
LCDRLieutenant Commander
LCPOLeading Chief Petty Officer
LDOLimited Duty Officer
LESLeave and Earnings Statement
LPDLand Platform Dock (Amphibious Class Ship, Diesel Propulsion), i.e. LPD-18 USS New Orleans
LPODLast Plane On Deck
LSLogistic Specialist
LSOLanding Signal Officer
LTJGLieutenant Junior Grade
MAAMaster At Arms
MALSMarine Aviation Logistics Squadron
MCOMaterial Control Officer
MCPOMaster Chief Petty Officer
MCPONMaster Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
MMMachinist's Mate
MMCOMaintenance/Material Control Officer
MMCPOMaintenance Master Chief Petty Officer
MO(pronounced "Moe") Maintenance Officer
MOAMemorandum of Agreement
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MPAMain Propulsion Assistant
MPAMilitary Patrol Craft (P-3 Orion, etc.)
MSWMain Seawater System
MTMissile Technician
NALCOMISNaval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System
NASNaval Air Station
NAVAIRNaval Air Systems Command
NAVCOMPComptroller of the Navy
NAVEDTRAChief of Navy Education and Training
NAVFACNaval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVFLIGHTDEMRONNavy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels)
NAVMATNaval Material Command
NAVMILPERSCOMNavy Military Personnel Command
NAVSEANaval Sea Systems Command
NAVSECGRUACTNaval Security Group Activity
NAVSTANaval Station
NAVSUPNaval Supply Systems Command
NAVTRAChief of Naval Training

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