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Navy Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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PRTPhysical Readiness Test
PSNS and IMFPuget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility
PTPhysical Training
PTSPerform to Serve
PWDPublic Works Department
RADMRear Admiral
RAGReplacement Air Group, now known as Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS)
RDCRecruit Division Commander
RIMPACRim of the Pacific
RIORadar Intercept Officer
RLRestricted Line Officer
RMDRestricted Maneuvering Doctrine
RPOCRecruit Petty Officer in Charge or Recruit Chief Petty Officer
RTRadiotelephone (voice radio)
RTCRecruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois
SASeaman Apprentice
SAGSurface Action Group
SAMSurface-to-air missile[NB 1]
SAPRSexual Assault Prevention and Response
SAUSearch and Attack Unit
SCATSmall Craft Attack Team
SCBASelf-contained breathing apparatus
SCPOSenior Chief Petty Officer
SCWSeabee Combat Warfare Specialist insignia
SESupport Equipment
SEALsUnited States Navy SEALs (stands for SEa, Air, Land), officially termed Special Warfare Operators.
SECDEFUnited States Secretary of Defense
SECNAVUnited States Secretary of the Navy
SICLOSShift Inspect Clean Lube Oil Strainers
SLBMSubmarine-launched ballistic missile
SNAStudent Naval Aviator
SOSpecial Warfare Operator, aka US Navy SEAL.
SOFAStatus of Forces Agreement
SOP(A)Senior Officer Present (Ashore)
SOPASenior Officer Present Afloat
SPAWARSpace and Naval Warfare Systems Command
SPAWARSYSCENSpace and Naval Warfare Systems Center
SRSeaman Recruit
SRBSelective Reenlistment Bonus
SRWShutdown Roving Watch
SSSubmarine or submersible ship
SSBN (aka Boomers)Hull classification symbol for ballistic missile submarine. The SS denotes submarine, the B denotes ballistic missiles, and the N denotes nuclear-powered.
SSESSpecial Signals Exploitation Space. A compartment on a ship where embarked NAVSECGRU personnel, known a Cryptologic Technicians, do their work.
SSESShips Signal Exploitation Space
SSGNHull classification symbol for cruise missile submarine. The SS denotes submarine, the G denotes guided missile, and the N denotes nuclear-powered.
SSNHull classification symbol for general-purpose fast attack submarines. The SS denotes submarine, while N denotes nuclear-powered.
SSTGShips Service Turbo Generator

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