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Non profit organizations Related All Meanings & Fullforms

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22BSA22nd Bomb Squadron Association
22IRS22nd Infantry Regiment Society
22MA22nd Marines Association
23BSA23rd Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) Association
24CTM24th Connecticut Militia Regiment
24IRA24th Infantry Regiment Association
24IRA-NW24th Infantry Regiment Association - Northwest Chapter
24IVI24th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
250FABRG250th Field Artillery Battalion Reunion Group
25BGRA25th Bomb Group Reconnaissance Association
25IDA25th Infantry Division Association
25IDA 3/425th Infantry Division 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry Chapter
25MPC25th Military Police Company Reunion
26IRA26th Infantry Regiment Association
278RCTA278th Regimental Combat Team Association
27DA27th Division Association
27FWR27th Fighter Wing Reunion Group
27TCSF27th Troop Carrier Squadron Foundation
280CEBA280th Combat Engineer Battalion Association
28IA28th Infantry Association
28MASHA28th Military Airlift Squadron Historical Association
28MAVI28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
28VAI-C28th Virginia Infantry Regiment Company C
28WA28th Wing Association
29DA29th Division Association
2CMBA2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion Association
2CTVHA2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery
2GACL2nd Georgia Battalion of the Continental Line
2IDKWVA2nd Infantry Division Korean War Veterans Association
2KYOB2nd Regiment Kentucky Infantry Orphan Brigade
2MNLA2nd Minnesota Battery Light Artillery
2MRLBIColonel Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment Lear Brigade of Infantry
2NJCL2nd New Jersey Regiment of the Continental Line
2RIVI-BCompany B Second Regiment Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry
2WVIA2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Association
3/278ACRSF3rd Squadron 278th Armored Cavaalry Regiment Support Fund
301VA301st Veterans Association
303BGA303rd Bomb Group Association
306BGHA306th Bomb Group Historical Association
307BGA307th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association - The Lone Rangers
30PVI-KCompany K 30th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
310BWVHA310th Bomb Wing Veterans Historical Association
315BWA315th Bomb Wing Association
315TCGAWorld War II 315th Troop Carrier Group Association
31BSA31st Bomb Squadron Association
31FOA31st Fighter Officers Association
324IRA324th Infantry Regiment Association
32IRA32nd Infantry Regiment Association - The Queen's Own
330BGA330th Bomb Group Association
339FSA339th Fighter Squadron Association

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