Another indigenous vaccine to come: Govt.

Another indigenous vaccine to come: Govt.



  • Hyderabad-based Biological-E Institute
  • 1,500 crore upfront Home Ministry
  • Production of vaccines from August to December
  • The company that is still in phase III trial

Bengaluru News: Huge level Vaccine The central government, which is targeting campaigns, is based in Hyderabad Biological-e The company has contracted over 30 crore doses of the Covid vaccine. Vaccines from the Biological-E company are still under trial.

This is the second homemade vaccine to be approved after the Covaccine of Bharat Biotech Home Ministry 1500 crores upfront. These doses will be produced and stored by the Biological-E Company during August-December 2021, the Home Ministry said.

The vaccine, an RBT protein subunit, is currently undergoing phase III testing. The first two phases have yielded promising results. It is expected to be available in the next few months, the ministry said.

Biological-E is a Johnson & Johnson company with over 600 million doses per year Covid 19 They also have a separate contract to produce vaccines.


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