Anxiety from Namma Metro project

Anxiety from Namma Metro project



  • AAI submits report on Jakkur aerodrome
  • Recommended for height reduction, or runway reduction
  • Airbnb from the proposed work ..?

Srikanth Hunsawadi
Bengaluru News:
“The proposed elevated metro rail project will disrupt Jakarta’s airspace,” the Airports Authority of India said in its survey. Also, the government has recommended that the Metro project be reduced or the runway lengthened.

The petition filed by Bengaluru lawyer Ajay Kumar Patil challenging the Metro rail project near the Jakarta airfield has been filed before a divisional bench headed by CJ ASOK.

What are the details of the report ?: The Indian Airports Authority (AAI) surveyed the Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) last April. The proposed Metro Rail Elevated Railway (JFK), a government aviation training school (GFTS), said it would disrupt the runway.

The civil Aviation Director (Civil Aviation) (DGCA) Made two suggestions to the State Government. One is to reduce the height of the Metro Pillars by decreasing the height of the Metro Pillars in accordance with the Civil Aviation (Elevation Limit for Aviation Operational Safety) Act 2015, and other crisis prevention measures.

The DGCA, which already wrote to the state government on May 20, 2021, said that when the Elevated National Highway was built between 2010 and 2015, the Ministry of Civil Aviation did not include the Jakarta Air Base. Therefore, it has done nothing and has instructed the government to cut the runway length.

The government is also leading the runway cutbacks to maintain both infrastructure planning and aeronautics in the city. Applicants have objected to this.

Up the fence Replying to the DGCA report and the state government’s memo, petitioner advocate KNFanindra said, “The government and the DGCA are an example of how the action has been upheld. The DGCA, which has repeatedly refused to carry out a survey of the jungles despite the High Court directive, has recommended to the government to cut the runway instead of protecting the airstrip and runway.

Also, the DGCA action is contrary to the original intent of the Aircraft Act-1934. Applicants argue that as a rule no construction around the airfield can be implemented.

The final hearing for June 18: Judge Jr. is a serious issue. A final inquiry was held on the 18th and it was said that it would be settled as soon as possible.

60 m. Construction Sector: There is a government flight training school in Zakorin. The runway around the aerodrome cannot be operated for up to 60 m. It has been declared a construction sector. The petitioners argue that most of the Jakkur airspace will be bundled out of the proposed works and that the historic airstrip could be used for real estate purposes.

Currently Metro Workshop: After the PIL’s submission in the High Court, the court held an inquiry and reviewed all the matters. As such, the metro work is currently discontinued. The start of the work is in doubt until the legal dispute is settled.


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