Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev gets IMA legal notice


Baba Ramdev gets IMA legal notice.


  • Ramdev’s talk on a show was viral
  • Allopathy is folly and bankruptcy
  • IMA Legal Notice to Baba Ramdev
  • Patanjali says Ramdev’s statement is twisted

Bengaluru News: Yoga guru claims more deaths due to modern medical treatment of Covid-19 treatment than coronavirus Baba Ramdev Indian Medical Institute The IMA) Has demanded.

The IMA, which issued a legal notice to Baba Ramdev, has demanded that his statement be withdrawn and a written apology sought. The IMA alleges that Ramdev has harmed the charisma of doctors who use allopathic and modern medicine to save lives during the epidemic.

“Millions of people have died from allopathic medicines so far, without any treatment or oxygen. Ramdev posted a video on social media saying, “Allopathy is stupid and bankrupt.”

In the wake of serious objections by Ramdev Patanjali, The group released a statement saying that the video was twisted and that the statement was out of context. It said there was no commitment to the best doctors of modern science and modern medicine.

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‘That program was private. Swamiji (Ramdev) was reading a WhatsApp message to himself and other members of the program. The allegations against them are false and useless, ”Patanjali said.

Patanjali believes that allopathy is a progressive science. The combination of Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga is beneficial for everyone in such a hard time. ‘



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