Bangalore News, Bangalore adopts the Mumbai model to reduce delays in Covid treatment



  • Establishment of DETER Committees in all 198 Wards
  • Decentralization system to aid treatment
  • Information, treatment at the right time

Bengaluru: The Karnataka government on Saturday decided to follow the Mumbai model in Bangalore to reduce treatment delays amid a rising number of cases of covid in the state. In all 198 wards in Bangalore, there is a decentralized system through Decentralized Trial and Emergency Response (DETER) committees.

‘For all the citizens, mainly the vulnerable community who have no access to health care or access to information Ward The aim is to provide health services through coordination with committees, ”said Revenue Department General Secretary N Manjunatha Prasad.

The ward-level community treatment system has been successful in many cities, including Mumbai. Currently Bangalore He said that due to the creation of the city (BU) number and the centralized ICMR process, there was a delay in providing information to patients.

“Now there is a 12 hour delay in identifying enrollment due to inefficient system. Our goal is to reduce bed availability time. This can be done by allowing people with severe symptoms to be discharged from the hospital within ten days and for a moderate-to-patient patient to be discharged to the CCC within five days, ”he added.

The committee consists of members of the BBMP, government officials, representatives, volunteers, civil society groups, disaster management organizations and others. He said it would help ward-level Covidian management and monitor primary contact with Covid patients.

It will provide relevant and accurate information regarding mask wear, social distance, symptoms, screening, home isolation, etc. while waiting for the test result.



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