BBMP plan to cut timber on Old Airport Road: High Court

BBMP plan to cut timber on Old Airport Road: High Court



  • Trees on HAL, Suranjan Das Road are currently Safe
  • Environmental activists standing court against Tree Hana
  • A tree-cutting plan for a signal-free corridor

Bengaluru News: The High Court has issued an interim injunction for cutting down 25 large trees on Suranjan Das Road and HAL Old Airport Road for a signal-free corridor.

The order will continue until the next hearing. Vinayak City resident and environmental activist Swati Damodar filed a petition in the High Court challenging the cutting of trees for a signal-free corridor.

Speaking about this, Swati Damodar said, “For a signal-free corridor project without axing trees near HAL junction. BBMP Work can continue. It is decided to cut down large trees for the corridor. But the BBMP could complete the project by taking over the existing parking space as an alternative, rather than destroying the trees. ”

‘Tree death is being done in the name of development. Officials also need to work on planting more and more plants. We need to know the price of trees that supply us free of charge. BBMP officials have to make some changes in the signal-free corridor scheme to save the trees, ”said Swati Mani, a resident of Vinayak Nagar.

A month ago, BBMP Administrator Gaurav inspected the hidden project. Well Tree BBMP officials had been advised to cut 25 trees for the project following the approval of the expert committee. Also, Read This: Bengaluru businessman fraud: Rs 36 lakh Kiladi Lady named after.

Environmental lovers, activists, and locals staged a tree-lined march in March to protest the massive tree mortality for the underpass at HAL Road and Suranjandas Road. The BBMP guarded the trees during the day and night to avoid burning the trees overnight.


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