Beds Block in Bengaluru

Beds Block in Bengaluru



  • Covid is not getting a bed in Bengaluru to get emergency treatment
  • Bedwetting is frequent as infections increase
  • Bed block in private hospitals in the name of home isolation

Bengaluru: Covid is not getting a bed in Bengaluru for urgent treatment. There is not a single answer bed from the hospitals, helpline, even when making a phone call for a bed. But, here’s the news that shocks everyone. Yes, there is a great deal of bed raging in Bengaluru. Bedwetting in private hospitals in the name of Covid-infected isolation.

This was revealed in a bed audit conducted by MP Tejasvi Surya’s team. It has been revealed that Covid has been booked in the name of those who are infected and isolated at home.

The Tejaswi Surya team members make a phone call to the bedside who is a bed book in your name.

The bed is thus blocked in the name of many infected. But to whom it is given is of curiosity.

In the South Zone there are allegations that about ten thousand beds have been allocated to those who need them. These beds are being offered to VVIPs, close associates and specialists.

The government has secured 75 per cent of the beds from private hospitals to benefit the Covid infected. But the masses are not getting a bed. Wandering from hospital to hospital without a bed. Incidents of missing a bed have been reported. But it is indeed shocking that some people are misusing such a situation.



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